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what is this wizardry


Ah Castiel Ah :D:D

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Please tell me this isn’t her

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K.C. Collins demonstrating his best pick up line with Kris Holden-Reid playing the object of his affection. (Spoiler alert: its a TERRIBLE pick up line.)

DragonCon, Lost Girl panel 9/1/13

i’m dying

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Make sure to visit the featured page HERE to check out all the details!

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Lightwood Academy Spotlight!

Here’s something new for you lovely folks. Featured Spotlights are coming to Lightwood. Here’s how it works;

Featured Character:
profile » bio

  • You vote for your most favorite, active character!
  • Before voting though, you nominate, and you give a splendid, DETAILED reason as to why you think that character should be in the featured spotlight.

Featured Couple:
chara one » chara two

  • Vote for your favorite ship! And we have tons of ships to choose from.
  • Just like all of these, you nominate first with a DETAILED reason why you think this couple should be nominated. Do you just love all of their drama? Or maybe they’re the most perfect adorable couple ever. Whatever.

Featured Quote:
chara » post it was said

  • I think you understand the voting process by now.
  • Now when it comes to nominations, this one’s just a little bit different. We don’t need a detailed reason. Like. God damn. If you’re stalking someone’s convo or para and you see the most hilarious or heartwarming or just whatever dialogue. Not something too long, but you know. A quote. Obviously.

Featured Member: 

  • VOTE.
  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE. Ok! So the nominations on this are going to be similar to the others, but a little different. Because you can nominate someone based on how awesome and friendly and active they are, BUT in order to be the featured member, you need just a little bit more. Do your part to help the roleplay! Whether it’s advertising, helping others plot even though it has nothing to do with you, helping the admins come up with fun ideas for tasks and events, or helping with bios. Making manips or graphics for people just because you’re nice like that. Just be the best member you can be!

And that is how that part works. Now where are these lovely spotlights going to be for all the world to see? Well aside from a HUGE announcement post telling everyone who won what, we’ll have a new page connected to the main. You can find the link HERE. Nominations will begin on the fifteenth of every month, and voting will happen three days before the last day of the month. And the last day of the month is when we announce the winners! Comprende? Awesome! I love you all, and I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!

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